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How To Save Money On Your Next Garage Door Repair

Do you want to save a little money on your next professional garage door installation or repair service? Believe or not, there are ways to do just that. Try any of the tips in this post and you’ll be sure to save a little money on your next garage door repair.

It Never Hurts to Ask

If you want to save money on your next garage door repair service call, here’s what to do. Just ask your local garage door repairman for a discount. They’ll be more than glad to offer you a break on the price. Here’s what you do:

You: “Hi, I need my garage door repaired”.

Garage door repairman: “I can help you with that. We offer a variety of local garage door services ”

You: ‘That’s just what I wanted to hear. What the earliest you can come by my home?”

Garage door repairman:“ I can my garage door repair crew at your home at 3:00 o’clock this afternoon. Would that work for you?”

You: “That times works fine for me.’

Garage door repairman: ‘Good to hear. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

You:” I want to know if you can give me a discount on my garage door repair.”

Garage door repairman: “ I would be more than glad to offer you a ten percent discount on the parts. That doesn’t include the cost of labor. This will definitely save you a couple of bucks on your repair.”

You: “That works for me. I really appreciate the discount.  Thank you so much.”

Garage door repairman: ‘ You’re welcome. I’ll see you this afternoon and I look forward to repairing your garage door. When me and my crew is done, your garage door will look better than before.”

You: “See you then and thanks again for the discount.”

As you can see, it’s easy to ask for a discount. If you’re working with a professional garage door repair company, they’ll be more than glad to give you a discount. In most cases, they’ll offer you a discount on the parts, but not the labor. Either way, you’ll end up saving some money.

Look for a Coupon

The garage door repair company you’re about to call may already offer coupons for their services. Here’s a few places to look for them:

  • Look for coupons on the promotions page on their website.
  • Look for coupons on their Facebook.
  • Look for coupons on their Twitter.
  • Look for coupons on national coupon sites.
  • Look for coupons in the mail.

If you can’t find any coupons online or in the mail, just call them and ask where you can find one. Whoever answers the phone will be more than glad to direct you to the coupons. If you do find any coupons online, make sure they aren’t expired and read the restrictions. There may not be any, buy you should read the fine print on any coupon.

So, you see it’s really easy to save money on your next garage door repair or installation. You just need to know what you’re doing and you need to be willing to ask for a discount and search out some coupons.

This guest post was written by Kali at:

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