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How the dental insurance works?

The dental insurance policies for a long time now have helped so many people effectively to budget the cost of maintaining a nice smile. If you compare most of the dental policies with the medical health policies, one thing is clearly evident, the policies are very straightforward and very specific which makes understanding the dental policies a breeze.

The waiting period

If you take a dental policy and this case I’ll assume the best dental insurance policy, the insurance company gives its client a waiting period of not less than 6 months. This could extend to 12 months or even more. This happens before the actual work can be done. In most cases, the waiting period for a major work could usually be longer, this may take up-to even 2 years before the actual work is done. Even for a cheap dental insurance, the rates could be longer.

The significance with the waiting period is that they are set in place by the insurance companies in order for them to benefit off the new accounts.

Categorization of the pays for procedures

The dental policies covered by the insurance companies are categorized into three;

  • Preventive procedures.
  • Basic procedures.
  • Major procedures.

Most dental policies including the cheapest dental insurance policies will help you cover for the preventive care. Generally, they usually cover 100% of these procedures which includes the following;

  • Yearly visits and
  • Semi-annual visitation.

For cleaning, x-rays and also other procedures like sealants.

For the basic procedures, this includes procedures like;

  • Gum disease treatment.
  • Tooth extractions.
  • Root canals.

In most cases and with most of the plans out there, the basic treatment cost covered is up to 70-80%. This means that the remainder has to be paid by the patient.

For the major procedures, this include treatment and procedures such as;

These are only covered at a high co-payment. It therefore means that the patient has to pay more in expenses.

A reminder…

One thing you have to understand is that most of these policies differ much in how the procedures are categorized. Under each category, there are several procedures and therefore it is important for you to understand what is covered under each category of procedures. Much as you’d like to have beauty wrapped up in your medical plan, you should understand that most of these dental plans do not cover for cosmetic procedures.

Final verdict

With this in mind, you have a clear picture of what dental insurance policies really does and how it does it. Therefore, before taking out a cover, considered how they work and what is covered.