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Have You seen the New Trends in the job market of India?

Many people fail to get jobs because they lack an understanding in the current trends in the job market. On we seek to advice prospective employees and employees on what companies and the government are seeking when recruiting people for available vacancies.

Trends in government jobs in India

Despite the obvious and sometimes depreciating disregard for sarkari naukri by individuals and professional especially of the younger generations, government jobs in India are still extremely lucrative. However in recent times, the job vacancies in the government has tended to favor the following professions

  • Engineers especially railways engineers
  • Doctors and other medical practitioners including nurses
  • Scientists
  • Defense specialists and army servicemen and women

The absorption rates for personnel in the above careers are relatively high and stable. Furthermore, the Indian government takes in individuals with relatively moderate credentials.

Application for government jobs in India is mostly done online. This can be done by filling the latest jobs online form jobs and taking the sarkari exams. Sarkari result uttar pradesh, latest results and alerts for taking of the exams after completion of the exam syllabus shall be posted on this same platform.

Trends in employment in the private sector

The private sector is considerable dynamic and ever changing. Trends in this sector do not stick for as long as would happen with government jobs in India. As a result, the private sector tends to absorb more people and techniques each New Year. However, the current trends in the private sector as given by the most recent Rojgar results show that the following fields have decidedly more edge in absorption than the rest.

  • Research and scientists
  • Software developers and programmers
  • Accountants and mathematicians
  • Qualified technicians.

The India result for such would form a very good basis for comparison of the trends in absorption and uptake into employment. However, it is important that one seeks expert opinion on the same from employment agencies and people who have had prior experience with the job market.

More information on available jobs and alerts for vacancies and sarkari exams is available on our website.